The Fairtrade Cotton Ambassadors – 4

One of the Koolskools project’s greatest friends in the field of Fairtrade education and advocacy for uniforms made with Fairtrade cotton is “fairandfunky”.
Fairandfunky is a brilliant community interest company, whose main aim is to encourage and empower people to take little steps to change the world.
Helen and Sophie of fairandfunky after meeting Andy for a Fairtrade coffee in Holmfirth!
We know from educating school children about Fairtrade, and from trying hard to sell school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton over the past 7 years, that when small steps are taken by individual schools, the results can be both remarkable and inspiring. We are looking at some of those outstanding schools during this Fairtrade Cotton Ambassadors series.
The word “inspiring” is very fitting in the context of fairandfunky. Koolskools will be teaming up with them again soon when, with a bit of help from their stakeholders, they will be inspiring teachers and students at the exciting fairandfunky Fairtrade Fortnight 2017 Schools Conference on 2 March in West Yorkshire.
West Yorkshire is a growing hub for Fairtrade uniform, and this is the direct result of fairandfunky’s advocacy for Fairtrade uniforms, on Koolskools behalf. For example,
Helen and Sohpie sporting their Koolskools Fairtrade cotton hoodies!
Honley High School embraced Koolskools Fairtrade uniform last year, and are offering their parents/students the chance to buy Koolskools embroidered Fairtrade cotton school polo shirts online. So it is great that Honley High will be hosting the Conference, which we look forward to meeting lots of potential new Fairtrade Cotton Ambassadors at!
We should like to say a big thank you, on behalf of our Fairtrade cotton farmers and our Fairtrade-licensed factory workers, to fairandfunky for being such a great friend of the Koolskools Fairtrade cotton project. You have encouraged lots of schools and school children and their teachers and parents TO TAKE LITTLE STEPS, AND MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE!!



22 February 2017

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