The Fairtrade Cotton Ambassadors – 3

This is the third in our series of blogs on some of our brilliant Fairtrade cotton Ambassadors.
Our latest Fairtrade cotton champions are a group of ECO students from Chowbent Primary School in Lancashire. The Chowbent ECO Group attended the Wigan ECO Schools Conference in October 2016, run by Wigan Council. They heard the Koolskools Fairtrade cotton story, and with the support of their ECO teacher, Stephen Haynes, and their Headteacher, James Randle, the students were determined that Fairtrade cotton school uniform should become a choice at their school.
Not only did the students lobby their peers and teachers to support the idea, but the Chair and Deputy Chair of the Group also conducted all of the telephone calls with Andy at Koolskools in order to make it happen. This was the first time that Koolskools had ever conducted its Fairtrade uniform business discussions with a potential client school with the students rather than teachers – what an amazingly empowering phenomenon for the students!
Andy and Mr Haynes with the Chowbent ECO Group students after the Assembly, proudly showing off their new Fairtrade school uniform.
So Koolskools visited Chowbent Primary on 2 February 2017, when the story becomes yet more inspiring. The Chair and her ECO Group colleagues actually spearheaded the Koolskools Fairtrade Assembly at Chowbent that day, with an excellent 10-minute presentation on Fairtrade and its positive impact on small scale farmers.
So after the ECO students’ brilliant presentation about Fairtrade we hardly needed to “sell” the benefits of Fairtrade to the Chowbent students. The ECO Group did that themselves, to the extent that Chowbent Primary have just become Koolskools very latest client school, and the first in the Wigan area.
Well done everyone at Chowbent Primary, you really did a great job on behalf of the Fairtrade cotton farmers and our ethical factory workers.

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