Koolskools & Your School

Would you like to form a Fairtrade business and educational partnership with Koolskools?

A sneak preview of what to expect from a Koolskools presentation
A sneak preview of what to expect from a Koolskools presentation

Whether or not you are yet a Koolskools client school we would be very happy to hear from you to chat about what we can offer you and how Fairtrade cotton school uniform works.


We would love to come and meet your school students and teachers and offer our unique, interactive Koolskools Fairtrade educational presentations to them and talk through our project. We have the full backing of the fair trade movement for our educational partnerships with schools. We can do educational presentations on Fairtrade and ethical trading to suit different age ranges.

You can read our testimonials from the schools we are already working successfully with here. If you are interested please contact us at education@koolskools.co.uk or alternatively download and submit the Koolskools presentation application form and we will contact you to set a date for a Koolskools visit.

Snapshots from recent Koolskools presentations

Koolskools conducting a Fairtrade Assembly at St. Josephs RC School, Aberdeen
School students are learning more and more about Fairtrade, supported by presentations from Koolskools

What schools have kindly said about our presentations

….Went well I thought! Both guys were very good at presenting clearly…..I thought they covered the points thoroughly enough but not so much it was boring which is a tough thing to do when trying to show that you’re ethical, price-viable, good quality and more……

…..Many thanks for coming and it was great to hear what you had to say to the children. You’re right, they’ve done very little in engaging with this but were very enthusiastic to learn more….

….. It was a pleasure to have you along to talk to the kids about the fantastic work you are doing to highlight and deal with the terrible issues faced by cotton farmers in the developing world….

…. The children were very inspired after your visit and we are hoping for a positive response from the parents…

….It has been really great! The girls feel that they have made a difference and they spoke confidently about the importance of Fairtrade cotton in front of all year groups at assemblies. I have heard that the S6 are really impressed with the quality of the sample you provided too….


Don’t delay, the fun starts here!


We can come to your school and organise an interactive and fun experience for  students and teachers alike! Contact us today!