Supplying Ethical School Clothing & Fairtrade Cotton Uniforms
Fairness, quality and affordability are the Koolskools mantra.

The Koolskools primary ethical supply chain benefits everyone involved in it. We start by caring for our planet and the small-scale farmers producing the Fairtrade cotton in developing countries; next the developing country factory employees making the finished garments; then the schools, parents and pupils buying and wearing these uniquely ethical, high quality and affordable clothes.

All the polyester in the Koolskools Fairtrade core range garments is recycled from human resource waste – plastic bottles etc. So our customers have the chance to wear the ultimate ethical, Fairtrade, planet-friendly uniforms!

Our in-house embroidery makes the process of purchasing ethical school uniform from us easy and straightforward.

There are certain product categories such as school skirts, ties and knitted jumpers where we don’t have a Koolskools manufactured option using recycled man-made materials. For these garments, or when we cannot meet increasing demand for our core range, we will source conventional garments under the Koolskools Fair Trade Offset scheme, where a small percentage of the profits will be donated to Fairtrade or ECO causes.

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Getting Started

It’s easy for a school to make the switch to Fairtrade cotton school uniform. All we need from you is a green light to become one of your suppliers; a computer file of your school logo; and some publicity within your school community (which we shall help you with) about the availability of Fairtrade uniform once you have approved our embroidered sample logo.

This can be done in a matter of weeks. We are then ready to add your school to the growing list of schools on our website and to start supplying your school community with our Fairtrade garments.

Boost Your School’s Fairtrade Credentials

If your school engages fully with our project, makes the switch to school uniform made with Fairtrade cotton and thereby embraces our free Fairtrade education partnership, then this will significantly enhance your school’s Fairtrade credentials. Your students will learn about Fairtrade cotton and the fair trade movement more widely through our project.

If your school is taking one of the 3 award stages of the Fairtrade schools scheme – Fair Aware, Fair Active or Fair Achiever – then the introduction of Fairtrade cotton school uniform will tick a big box. But most importantly, it will boost your students’ credentials as responsible global citizens and consumers of the future.

Look for the Fairtrade Cotton Mark on our products

Look for the Fairtrade Cotton Mark on our products


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