A new Koolskools website, a new Koolskools Film!

We are delighted to launch today our new Koolskools website. Some of our supporters might ask why we are launching a new website, when we received so many compliments on the previous one!!

Well, we are delighted that an increasing number of schools are buying into the Koolskools ethical/Fairtrade clothing project. So, in the wake of the resulting scale-up of our business, for some time now we have been conscious of the need for a website that is more user-friendly on the business side of Fairtrade cotton school uniform.

There has been pretty consistent feedback from an increasing number of busy school teachers/PTA members/School Governors et al who have often already heard about Koolskools and made up their minds to embrace Fairtrade uniform with us. Almost invariably they kindly say that they love the educational dimension of the Koolskools website, and indeed have used it to educate their students about Fairtrade cotton. But these potential new Fairtrade cotton school uniform recruits also often say that they have found the site slightly lacking in clarity on product range and prices, and information on how to work with us, sign up their schools, etc.

So, from today, schools all over the UK can embrace the new Koolskools online Fairtrade/ethical clothing offer. Koolskools is now able to work with schools from Land’s End to John O’Groats to supply their students/parents the very best ethically made Fairtrade cotton school uniform direct from our website. We are linking existing and new client schools and garments to their own dedicated school pages. To make it easier for their parents to find, we are working with many schools to add a link via their own school websites. Under the new scheme we are aiming to ship all internet orders within 7 working days.

So, we have tried to address all of the helpful feedback we have received over the past couple of years in the form of our new site. We hope that you like it! We have kept the educational dimension of the site, but we have tried to produce a more user-friendly mix with the business end of Fairtrade, which is of course very important to those cotton farmers and factory workers in developing countries that our project strives to support. In short, we need more schools to buy more Fairtrade school uniform!

In tandem with the site’s launch today we are also formally launching the new Koolskools project film. We have finally been able to combine a little bit of the film that we took when visiting our factories in Mauritius and our cotton farming communities in India over the past couple of years into one 3+ minute animated film that we hope encapsulates our project/business values. We would love to know what you think!

We should very much welcome your comments!

Andy and Mike


18 April 2016

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