Vishwaraj to Visit the UK Again!

The Managing Director of our Fairtrade-licensed Mauritius factory, Vishwaraj, will be visiting the UK again this week-end for an action-packed trip!

We are delighted to welcome Vishwaraj to the UK again, and when we say action-packed we mean it! Together with Andy of Koolskools, Vishwaraj will be the keynote speaker at schools conferences in North Wales, West Yorkshire, Middlesborough, Cupar, Aberdeen, Linlithgow and Glasgow – all in the space of 5 days!

Vishwaraj in his office at the factory in Bambous, Mauritius

On top of all that, Vishwaraj will be the guest speaker at a World Justice Festival Event at City Chambers, Edinburgh, under the auspices of the WJF and the Edinburgh Fair Trade City Group. You can see the trailer for that event here.

One of the many other highlights of Vishwaraj’s tour is an Aberdeen schools conference to take place on board a North Link Ferry in the dock in Aberdeen. This extraordinary live stream event will be hosted by North Link Ferries and co-organised by “Aberdeen for a Fairer World”.

During the tour Vishwaraj will be sharing the remarkable story of his personal journey from managing sweatshops in Mauritius and other countries to setting up his own Fair Trade company in 2016, with Andy setting the scene on Vishwaraj’s visit and the Koolskools Fairtrade project.

The Fairtrade-Licensed factory team

As if the 5-day speaking tour was not enough for Vishwaraj’s first week in the country, we have landed another speaking engagement on the 6th day! For the first time, Vishwaraj will be attending the annual Fairtrade Foundation Supporter Conference. Together with Andy, Vishwaraj will be conducting a work shop at this flagship Fairtrade event at Kings College, London, on Saturday 7 October. Together they will be looking at the iniquities of the global clothing industry, and drawing some lessons for the gathering from the Koolskools story and Vishwaraj’s personal journey in the clothing industry.

All the workers at our factory receive private health insurance



Welcome back Vishwaraj, and thanks for coming!


30 September 2017

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