Koolskools Launches a Quarterly Newsletter…by Popular Demand!

The education side of our business is really gaining momentum, in tandem with  sales of our affordable Fairtrade school uniform.
So, by popular demand, we have decided to introduce a quarterly newsletter!! You can see the January 2018 first edition here.

We want to keep our client and potential client schools abreast of some of the latest happenings on Fairtrade in general, and on Fairtrade cotton and Fairtrade school uniform in particular

There’s Lots of Fairtrade educational material Out There!

The central reference point for Fairtrade school education is the Fairtrade Foundation’s Schools micro-website, on the following link.
Koolskools works closely with the Fairtrade Foundation, the Scottish Fair Trade Forum and Fair Trade Wales to join other Fairtrade-friendly companies – the likes of Bala Sports Fairtrade Footballs, the Co-op and Divine Chocolate – to enhance that free Fairtrade education resource, and bring a hands-on Fairtrade business perspective to UK schools.
So we hope that enjoy our very first Koolskools newsletter, and that you will look out for our next quarterly edition in April. We will have lots more Fairtrade news, including news of our Fairtrade Fortnight travels, when we shall be flying the Koolskools Fairtrade cotton flag in Jersey for the first time, not to mention in various parts of Wales, Scotland and England!!

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