Koolskools Educational Programme

Koolskools continued “on the road” throughout May and June. Through an introduction from Sarah Palmer, our good friend at one of Kent’s flagship Fairtrade schools, Fulston Manor, Andy conducted a very stimulating day of geography classes at St George’s CofE School in Gravesend. Andrea Clarkson, a St George’s teacher taking a very pro-active interest in Fairtrade, facilitated a very engaging cross-section of St George’s geography classes for Andy to present to, the result of which was a group of students getting together to petition the Head Teacher to introduce some Fairtrade cotton into the school uniform. The response of the students to Fairtrade and how it works was very encouraging.

Another day of Koolskools presentations was spent at Ratton School in Eastbourne, East Sussex, at the beginning of June. We always try to innovate and ring the changes with our school presentations. On this occasion we ran a Fairtrade multiple choice quiz through the course of the 5 x 1-hour Ratton geography classes and you can read some of the answers to our mini-essay questions below this blog. Such inspiring answers from the students who we hope will be wearing our Fairtrade cotton garments inspires us to keep plugging away and try to bring more schools into the Fairtrade school family.

“Our school can benefit from Koolskools by buying their FT cotton polos for school uniform and knowing that the workers will get more fair pay and commit less suicides also less malnourished children. There will be a fair price for the consumers which is a win win situation for everyone. Also people in Africa will have more education….” (Harry Nixon)

“American cotton gets subsidised by the American Government so other farmers can’t sell theirs off because it makes an unfair trading market” (Ross Winters)

“If we bought a Fairtrade polo shirt it would benefit everyone involved in the production of the shirt. The workers who harvest the cotton and who work in the factories will get a fair amount of money and could also benefit their community. The money could be re-invested into the village with the social premium this could fund schools and equipment.” (Barny Nash)

“Buying a Fairtrade cotton polo is not good, it’s great. It may not seem like it but it helps them build or improve places like a school, chemist or even just a simple water pump. Money is a lot to them. It means buying crops (seeds) for next year and just eating. It will really make a difference.” (Jasmine Benfell)

“It will help the producers of the cotton earn money so they can buy more cotton seeds each year in the market. So if we buy a Fairtrade cotton polo shirt we will be giving money to the LEDC countries and towns so that in their communities they can also decide what they want to buy with that money eg medicine, food, water wells, equipment, schools etc.” (Lily Potter)

“Thank you so much for coming you have showed me just how lucky I am” (Maddie White)

“I think Koolskools is a very nice organisation and thank you to them thank you!” (Alex Seguin)

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