Koolskools Born In Scotland!


Koolskools is delighted to report that Craighead Primary School in Milton of Campsie, East Dunbartonshire, has become the first Scottish school to make a complete change to Koolskools Fairtrade cotton school uniform. In August 2011, Koolskools visited the school to talk to all of the students and teachers about the Koolskools ethical clothing project (see our 13 October 2011 blog) on the back of a rousing musical start to the whole school early morning Assembly!

Under the inspirational leadership of Fiona Leishman, Craighead’s Head Teacher, the school decided to change their entire uniform to Koolskools 50% Fairtrade cotton/50% polyester school logo-embroidered polos and sweatshirts. The first batch of several hundred garments arrived in late March 2012 and we are pleased to say that the parents and students were delighted with the results; so much so that the school sold out of most sizes during their first sales evenings for parents and a major follow-on order has already winged its way back to our factory in Mauritius!

Speaking to Koolskools shortly after the first sales evenings of Koolskools Fairtrade cotton garments Fiona told us: “…. the parents loved the quality and bought loads last week – it was very busy at times!…”

Koolskools are very pleased that this new way of working with schools on Fairtrade cotton is working well, to the benefit of the students (who also have the benefit of Koolskools free Fairtrade cotton educational presentations) and parents in their client schools, not to mention the significant benefits going to the small holder farmers and their communities in developing countries and the workers in the Koolskools factories.

If any Scottish schools are interested in hearing more about how things worked at Craighead, including an independent perspective on the quality and price of the garments themselves, we are very grateful that Fiona Leishman and her colleagues have offered to become a reference point for Koolskools in Scotland on telephone number: 0141-955-2271.

We look forward to cementing our relations with Scottish schools in the coming months and years, so please call us now on 02380-283223 or e-mail us on andy@koolskools.co.uk and we can embark on our unique Fairtrade cotton journey with you.

Click here to read “The Daily What News” local news report on Craighead’s Fairtrade activities.

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