Cotton On To Koolskools First Crowd Funding Campaign!

Koolskools is going places it has never gone before with its 2019 range of Fairtrade and human resource recycled polyester garments! The start of Fashion Revolution Week seems the perfect time to take stock!

Let’s Go Crowd Funding!

We have just launched our first-ever crowd funding campaign!
It has taken a lot of work thus far to prepare what we hope is a powerful and compelling crowd funding Pitch, which you can access here.
We could not have done any of this of course without superb support from all our friends at our India factory and the Fairtrade cotton farms, who joined forces with us to produce our Pitch video.
Ranga (flanked here by Mike and Andy during the Koolskools India visit) and all our friends at the India factory have been instrumental to our crowd funding Pitch and the NUS contracts award.
Over the next 3 weeks or so we shall be blitzing social media and our growing network of national and international contacts and inviting everyone to take advantage of what we hope is an exciting investment opportunity 😊.
We are striving hard to reach our target of £60,000 to help fund our first orders under our first major contract with the National Union of Students (see below).

Koolskools Wins First Major Contracts with the National Union of Students!

The exciting crowd funding initiative comes on the back of gaining our first major contracts with the National Union of Students, for their bi-annual clothing tenders running from 1 July 2019 to 1 July 2021.
Under those contracts, we are offering exciting new “SUstainable”-branded Fairtrade cotton/recycled polyester garments (Fairtrade cotton hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, T-shirts etc) and recycled sportswear (rugby, hockey, soccer shirts, skorts etc) ranges.
The luxurious “zipper hoodie” under the new Koolskools “SUstainable” Fairtrade cotton/recycled polyester range
As an integral part of the NUS contract, Koolskools will be attending its first Trade Show on 4 July. We plan to run a Stand showing how a combination of Fairtrade cotton and recycled polyester garments can have such a positive social and environmental impact on our precious and vulnerable planet.

A Big “Thank You” To All Our Supporters

We should like to say a massive “THANK YOU” to our client schools, corporates, Universities, Fairtrade institutions, Fairtrade campaign groups and friends of our Fairtrade business nationwide who have given us so much support over the years.
That support has served to keep us focussed, motivated and unwavering in our determination to build a business that shows the wider clothing industry that you CAN build a clothing business whilst prioritising ethics and sustainability.

What’s Next?!

Over the coming month or so, in tandem with hopefully seeing a surge of investment to help us meet our crowd funding target, we shall be featuring and celebrating some of the special relationships that have helped us become the UK’s leading Fairtrade school uniform company!
Scottish school students have always liked Koolskools Fairtrade uniform – including at St Joseph’s RC Primary in Aberdeen!


Next stop, Scotland…watch this space!!
22 April 2019

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