The Royal High Primary School Leavers' Hoodies

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We are accepting orders for *Leavers’ hoodies (with the letters “R. H. P. S.” embroidered in white on the front left breast, and a print of “20” on the back with all of the Leavers’ names inside) up to Friday 10 July 2020. Once you have ordered and paid postage (please choose the “Flat Rate: £3.95” option at the check-out), your order will be included in the bulk embroidery/print run that will take place later in July, and your order will be posted to you during the first half of August.


*Please note that the school has £320 of funds available to contribute to the cost of the hoodies. So once it is known how many orders have been received in total on closure of the sales window after 10 July, these monies will be divided by the number of orders placed and each parent will be reimbursed on a proportionate basis by the school in due course. Any parents choosing to order more than one hoodie will be subsidised the cost of a proportion of one hoodie.

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