Koolskools Fairtrade Cotton garments range is made under the principles of Fairtrade, and in factories that have signed up to the Koolskools Ethical pledge. We personally visit our Fairtrade cotton farming co-operatives and factories to hear from everyone involved in our ethical supply chain.

Whilst ensuring the highest quality combined with affordable prices, we also rigorously check that our Fairtrade clothing is made to the highest ethical manufacturing standards, including fair pay. The assurances that we duly receive come from the cotton farmers and factory workers themselves.

So, when buying our Fairtrade cotton garment it comes with a unique ethical manufacturing guarantee…from the workers who actually produce it.
We offer plain garments as well as personalised hoodies and polo shirts with embroidered initials.

Fairtrade Offset Scheme

There are certain product categories where we don’t have a Koolskools-manufactured option using recycled man-made materials. For these garments, or when we cannot meet increasing demand for our core range, we will source conventional garments under the Koolskools Fair Trade Offset scheme, where a small percentage of the profits will be donated to Fairtrade or ECO causes.

For bulk logo’ed orders in these product categories please e-mail andy@koolskools.co.uk

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